Dutech’s Job

Spam Analyst

Hyderabad (Remote),TS

DatePosted : 7/28/2022 3:32:19 AM

JobNumber : DTS1017194450
JobType : Full-Time
Skills: Network & email authentication protocols, Spam Email Analysis, Regular Expressions
Job Description



  • Network &
    email authentication protocols
  • Spam Email  Analysis
  • Regular Expressions
  • Any Scripting like VB, Python
  • Providing an Anti-Spam solution of real-time spam protection.
  • Analysis of SPAM and Legit emails and writing Anti-Spam, Anti-Fraud and legit rules using Regular Expressions.
  • Spam Analysis: Analyzing Email Headers, Call to Action Domains, and other parameters to Identify Spam Messages and block them
  • Analyze and Detect Email traffic and malicious activity.
  • Maintenance of Real-time Block Lists, Real-time Allow Lists, URI Block Lists.