Dutech’s Job

Administrative /Pogram support


DatePosted : 9/28/2020 8:14:55 AM

JobNumber : DTS1017174234
JobType : Contract
Skills: strong verbal skills, Ms office, Administrative- phone, email ,filing etc
Job Description

Administrative support to handle routine duties such as mail, phones, preparing and organizing documents and invoices.
Schedules services at the Massachusetts Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery.
Assists family members with obtaining the necessary documentation for interment, provides information on the types of interment services available and completes chain of custody forms and ensures all records are completed and properly safe-guarded in accordance with state and federal laws.
Insures chapel services are held with the utmost respect and reverence (light housekeeping duties may be required in the chapel area between services).
Possesses Knowledge of clerical office practices and procedures, including office record keeping, office correspondence control, use of office equipment.

Holds proficiency in MS office suite such as outlook, word and excel.
The candidate must have strong verbal and written communication skills, ability to communicate effectively and to give written and oral instructions in a precise and understandable manner.

Must possess excellent oral and written skills and be comfortable speaking to groups of 10-15 people.
This individual will be working at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery which requires professional and appropriate appearance as well as a mature demeanor as they will interact with grieving families.
This individual must have the ability to be compassionate and tactful with others to establish rapport and maintain harmonious working relationships with persons from varied ethnic, cultural, and or economic backgrounds.

Applicants must have at least two years of full-time or equivalent part-time, professional, administrative or management experience in business administration, business management, program administration, program coordination, program planning and/or analysis.