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.Net Full Stack Developer


DatePosted : 12/2/2021 1:46:39 AM

JobNumber : DTS1017194377
JobType : Full-Time
Skills: .Net Core, Web API, EF6/Core, C#
Job Description

Fullstack JD :  Experience (2-6 Years)


The good Microsoft Full Stack developer has a good selection of useful skills to draw upon. We are looking for candidates who project an aura of competence and knowledge.

  • An understanding of the end-to-end Microsoft technologies – .Net Core, Web API, EF6/Core.
  • Good command over C# and in-depth knowledge of Dotnet Core and WebAPI’s.
  • Can write C#/LINQ code and demonstrate quick POC’s.
  • Exhibit good communication skills.
  • Should be able to work independently
  • Nice to have Azure Knowledge.
  • Having a good eye for design and code detail and identify flaws.
  • Team-work skills - to communicate ideas, sharing responsibilities, assigning tasks, and coordinating their efforts with others, able to work independently.
  • Must have good analytical skills.