Dutech’s Job

Power BI Developer

New Jersey,NJ

DatePosted : 11/7/2022 10:23:59 AM

JobNumber : DTS1017254418
JobType : Contract
Skills: power bi, UX/UI, DAX, Architecture
Job Description

• Someone who’s been doing PBI dev at the highest levels for several years. The question to ask: how would you rate your PBI expertise? If the answer is anything but “10” (“9” for a very modest person) then it’s not our person. The person we’re looking for will have a resume where PBI is the dominant technology in their expertise, not #2 (or #3, #4) on the list. It should their main experience in the last 3-5 years
• We need a “full-stack” power bi wizard who can do complex DAX coding, understand architecture and performance, build advanced visuals and create amazing UX. They should be able to provide examples and demonstrate their experience for each
• Expertise in DAX programing. I’m attaching a problem description and asking candidates how they might use DAX to solve it
• UX/UI expertise in creating amazing PBI visuals using sophisticated filtering, dynamic visuals, drill-thru, etc.
• Understanding and experience with advanced PBI analytic capabilities (AI) such as Decomposition Tree, key influencers, top segments, analysis, Q&A, etc.
• Strong background in PBI architecture for optimizing setup and performance