Dutech’s Job

Customer Service Associate


DatePosted : 5/1/2024 7:58:05 AM

JobNumber : DTS101765856
JobType : Contract
Skills: COMPUTER SKILLS, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, interpersonal skills, Conflict Management skills
Job Description

Serves as the primary contact between Supply Chain and the assigned external customers. Responsible for all aspects of the relationship including analyzing incoming emails and determining a prompt resolution. Establishes and maintains positive, effective relationships with key internal contacts; UTILIZES SEVERAL DISPATCH SYSTEMS (TES, LME, FOUR KITES, OTR) AND EXTERNAL SCHEDULING SYSTEMS (RETAILIX, RETAIL LINK, UNFI, ONE NETWORK, etc.) TO PROBLEM SOLVE FOR ALL BUSINESS UNITS; maintains knowledge of all internal policies procedures and software applications; maintains knowledge of external customers organizational structure, procedures and all other pertinent information; utilizes available resources to identify the most cost effective solution to best service the needs of and the customer; identifies and implements creative solutions to resolve issues which negatively impact any aspect of the delivery process, to positively represent, their relationship with its customers and accurate delivery of products to external customers.  

REQUIREMENTS: EDUCATION: Bachelor s degree or equivalent work experience in transportation or logistics  

EXPERIENCE: 1- 3 years business experience in transportation or logistics, not just regular customer service! COMPUTER SKILLS: Proficient with MS Office applications required; majority of business is conducted via email up to and possibly exceeding 300 per day. COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Strong written oral and interpersonal skills; Conflict Management skills; Ability to multi-task; Positive attitude; Problem Solving skills; Negotiation skills  

3 Main Duties: Answer emails, confirm deliveries, track for on time delivery. (They do everything involved in dispatch except actually dispatching the trucks.)


Experience: 1-3 in the transportation field. 


Soft Skills: Ability to multi-task. Must be on time and dependable.