Dutech’s Job

Angular Developer

Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida,TS

DatePosted : 12/2/2021 1:46:39 AM

JobNumber : DTS1017244381
JobType : Full-Time
Skills: Angular 8 or 9, HTML 5, CSS Modules, Web pack, Babel, npm, TypeScript
Job Description

Angular JD

  • 6-10 years of experience
  • Good hands on and prior experience upto 3-4 year with Angular 8 or 9, it's best practices and popular modules.
  • Skills in one or more chosen frameworks/libraries like jQuery or Bootstrap
  • HTML 5, CSS Modules, Web pack, Babel, npm, TypeScript, AGGrid, PTable
  • Ability to create self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components that build on the elements and modules of core AngularJS.
  • RESTFul API communication through the Angular application.
  • Skill in maintaining clean and consistent project dependencies.
  • Extensive knowledge of CSS and JS animations
  • Work on bug fixing and improving application performance.
  • Thorough understanding of the responsibilities of the platform, database, API, caching layer, proxies, and other web services used in the system.
  • Validating user input on the client side and implementing meaningful feedback
  • Communicate thoroughly with the back end to help build a best-practice RESTful API.