Dutech’s Job

The Security Services Specialist


DatePosted : 7/28/2022 3:32:19 AM

JobNumber : DTS1017174421
JobType : Contract
Skills: Administrator, MS Office, MS Excel
Job Description

Rate: $20/hr

Contract: 6 months

Onsite, Monday to Friday


7:30-4 PM or 8:30 - 5:00 PM -Must be flexible with both. The Security Services Specialist will report to the Security Services Supervisor and, as part of the Security Service Center.


will provide services relating to the processing of security badge requests and similar functions oriented around security services and requests for employees. The individual in this position will be based at 10 Park Plaza and perform these functions for all MassDOT/MBTA divisions and in close coordination with other person(s) with the same role.


  • Receive, review, verify, and process requests for employee/contractor security badges for all Mass DOT divisions including the MBTA.
  • Utilize Lenel OnGuard and related applications and hardware to print badges.
  • Make badges available for pick-up or make arrangements to have badges delivered to remote requesters via courier.
  • Utilizing professional and courteous etiquette, answer phones and in-person queries to provide timely and helpful customer service without exception.
  • Maintain awareness of other department resources and activities to ensure the Security Service Center can serve as a referral point for all types of inquiries relating to security and emergency management.
  • Refer inquiries to appropriate department groups, such as Access Control Administrator for access reader issues, Security Video Administrator for camera issues, etc.
  • Monitor S&EM ServiceNow application and serve as triage point for new requests, which will be assigned to work groups within the application depending on type.
  • Utilize ServiceNow application to accurately and in a timely manner track and resolve badge requests.
  • Coordinate with the other Security Services Specialists and the Security Services Supervisor to ensure awareness, consistency, and coordination of effort regarding off-hours or extremely time sensitive badge requests.
  • Ensure badging/Access operations are conducted in accordance with department and MassDOT/MBTA policies and procedures.
  • Ensure badges and related materials are securely stored.
  • Escalate sensitive or unusual requests to the Security Services Supervisor and/or Deputy Director of Security Operations.
  • Participate and provide feedback in regular meetings of the Security Services team, which should include all Security Services Specialists, Security Service Supervisor, Deputy Director of Security Operations, and Access Control Administrator.
  • Provide logistical security and emergency management support for activities taking place at 10 Park Plaza or elsewhere as directed; this may include event logistics, evacuation drill or event coordination, project support, and similar activities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Security Services Supervisor, Deputy Director of Security Operations, Director of Security and Emergency Management, or other S&EM management.