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Temporary Administrative Assistant


DatePosted : 3/20/2023 10:04:15 AM

JobNumber : DTS1017174461
JobType : Contract
Skills: Excellent customer support and service skills
Job Description

Temporary Administrative Assistant
1441 Main St., Suite 230, Springfield, MA 01103
Contract: until 03/31/2023 with a possibility of Extension.
Onsite: Monday to Friday

EEC Seeks to hire a Temporary Full-time Administrative Assistant to support an EEC regional office for both front desk coverage and administrative support that includes processing applications for Family Child Care Assistants and Certified Assistants.

The Temporary Administrative Assistant will report directly to the Office Manager of the specific EEC office where they are assigned. They will serve as the primary coverage or back up coverage for the Office Manager or Office Support Specialist in the office. On days that the Office Manager is in the office, the Temporary Administrative Assistant will serve as the primary front desk coverage. On days when the Office Support Specialist is in the office, the Temporary Administrative Assistant will serve as back-up front desk coverage. The Office Manager or the Office Support Specialist will cover breaks for the Temporary Administrative Assistant.

Detailed Statement of Duties and Responsibilities:
• Performs receptionist responsibilities including:
o Greets callers warmly and ascertain reason for calling
o Answers inquiries and provides routine information including necessary information for referrals to other internal and external units
o Greets visitors at the regional office and ensures appropriate personnel are notified
• Performs general clerical functions to support the regional office including:
o Handling all incoming and outgoing mail and distributing incoming mail to appropriate personnel
o Maintaining familiarity with office equipment and points of contact for additional support
o Maintaining appropriate stock of office supplies
o Coordinating the use of meeting space for trainings and meetings
• Processes applications for Family Child Care Assistants and Certified Assistants
o Reviews materials submitted and determines if anything is missing
o Reaches out to constituent to gather the missing pieces
o Processes application in online system
• Other duties as assigned

Preferred Qualifications:
• Excellent customer support and service skills
• Ability to follow written and oral instructions
• Ability to exercise discretion in handling confidential information and to exercise sound judgment
• Strong attention to detail and organization
• Ability to maintain accurate records
• Comfort in learning and working within IT systems
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
• Knowledge of the organization of state government