Dutech’s Job

Senior Data Engineer


DatePosted : 5/1/2024 7:58:05 AM

JobNumber : DTS101766122
JobType : W2
Skills: Knowledge of Data Management, SQL, Python, NoSQL Databases
Job Description

Extensive knowledge of Data Management, Data Governance, Data quality activities, tools, and frameworks, with experience reporting on large amounts of data while understanding the importance of meeting deliverables.

Rate Range: 82-86/hr on w2

2. Experience implementing and using data management tools such as data quality, and business/technical metadata catalogs, with strong experience implementing master data management tools and processes.

3. Demonstrated experience with master data management projects, preferably company or person disambiguation.

4. Ability to create datasets from a variety of disparate sources to further data governance initiatives and processes.

5. Demonstrated experience in performing data mining on large datasets to supplement data governance quality improvement initiatives.

6. Working knowledge of SQL and Python, relational and non-relational databases, database structures, and unstructured databases, and preferably graph and other NoSQL databases.

7. Strong understanding of data quality frameworks within data lifecycle management.

8. Demonstrated experience driving data quality initiatives and resolution.

9. Demonstrated experience with process improvement, workflow, benchmarking and / or evaluation of business processes.

10. Ability to write various documents such as functional requirements, data quality rules, and policy definitions.